As part of the global ‘Business Support International’ group, we have nearly 40 years of experience in supporting businesses with precisely the services they require, ensuring that they get the very best comprehensive, professional service available.

We pride ourselves on our personal interaction with all clients, no matter how large or small and believe in always going ‘the extra mile’ in being proactive in our support and advice. So you would be hard pressed to find a more professional or more comprehensive service.

To us, you won’t just be “some client we’re supporting with legal advice” but a valued individual who we will want to see succeed in the project we are working on with you, so we will be volunteering information and advice which will take you further than you expected!

All of us at BSI are totally passionate about business and seeing businesses succeed, so not one of our 5,000 or so senior executives will simply see themselves as simply ‘doing something for a client’, whether it’s our law team giving legal advice, or anything else they are qualified to do, but will always be looking for the ‘extra’ which will help you develop your business further, so bringing ‘added value’ to every project.